Lambeth Palace Library new central library and archive for the Church of England.

Construction cost - £23.5 m.

Our role - Project Managers for The Church Commissioners.

Team - Wright & Wright Architects, Max Fordham, Price & Myers, Fanshawe, Dan Pearson Studio and Knight Harwood.












Stuart steered our complex project to completion on time and within budget with openness and integrity and with clear, calm direction and leadership; which ensured productive working relationships throughout and a goal-focused team who delivered for us as clients. He has been a pleasure to work with.

Declan Kelly, Director of Libraries & Archives for the National Church Institutions of the Church of England

The construction of the new Lambeth Palace Library has been on budget and time throughout. With a construction cost approaching £25m located in a Grade 2* historically important garden and next to a busy 'red route' much of this is as a result of his painstaking co-ordination delivered in a determined but calm manner. Stuart has been acting as Project Manager from the earliest, before the process of selecting the architects even. This has enabled him to understand the client, the brief, the risks inherent in the project and steer the project team accordingly.

Andrew Brown, Former Secretary and Chief Executive, Church Commisioners.



Images above courtesy of Hufton+Crow

Images above courtesy of Picture Plane and Lambeth Palace Library