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Stuart began funding the Stuart A Johnson Scholarship, Bursaries and Hardship Fund at London South Bank University in 2011.

An object in the Sainsbury Centre for Visual Arts' Masterpieces exhibition, held during UEA's 50th anniversary, has been adopted by Stuart.

His book Greener Buildings – The Environmental Impact of Property was published by Macmillan and has been re-printed.  This was amongst the first publications explaining environmental impacts to a construction industry and property profession readership.

Stuart sat for several years as external examiner for two of the degree courses of the University of Plymouth.

The risk of bribery is taken seriously and we have an Anti-Bribery Policy and Procedure, which has been prepared to comply with The Ministry of Justice's Guidance Note on the Bribery Act 2010.

We comply with our data protection responsibilities and meet the requirements of GDPR.

His membership over decades of the Continuing Professional Development Foundation's advisory panel not only informed the Foundation, but his annual lecture on Surveys of Commercial Buildings was amongst the best attended of the programme. Stuart's regular lecture for the CPD Foundation at UCL on Surveying Commercial Buildings was well received.

The Foundation noted that:

"236 people attended, which is brilliant.

The feedback that we received included the following comments:
Very good structure, brilliant content, very informative.
I thought it was very good event, covered the important points and raised the key issues to consider to provide the client with full and professional advice.
Good event, obviously very busy but that was good.
Very informative talk.
Very good knowledge on the subject. The slides did not have much detail which made people listen more and take notes. Relatable context about report writing and checklists which was also very useful.

Overall the feedback was excellent."



































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Being a beneficiary of this scholarship has enabled me to pursue my desired career path and occupy a role where my keen interest in regeneration is nurtured. As my knowledge grows and I develop professionally, I am finding myself empowered to help to improve the quality of living within local communities. This, in turn, fuels my ambitious nature to excel and succeed, particularly within a male dominated field

Stuart A Johnson Scholar

Your generosity has inspired me to help others and give back to the community.  I hope one day I will be able to help students achieve their goals just as you have helped me

Stuart A Johnson Scholar


I was relieved, excited, shocked, overwhelmed and nervous all at once! Being able to study on a course accredited by the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS) means I am on the right road to becoming a Chartered Building Surveyor. Without the scholarship, I don't think I would have been able to complete the course.​

Stuart A Johnson Scholar


Since finding out that I had been chosen as the lucky recipient of this scholarship the feeling of elation has still not subsided. Mr Johnson's philanthropy has enabled me to embark upon what I hope will be a long lasting, fruitful and enriching career within the Construction industry and is an invaluable help on my road to Chartership. This scholarship has removed a great deal of financial burden and has only served to make me even more determined to not only be successful in my work, but also to help others through it as well.

Stuart A Johnson Scholar


I wish to express my honest and deepest thanks for your generous gesture in offering me this hard sought after opportunity, to enable me to accomplish my desire to undertake a MSc in my field of future expertise. This offer will go a long way to ease the well known struggle that is faced by mature students like myself, having to work full-time to fund full-time studies. It is my wish that this programme will live on into the future to help other students who will find themselves in a similar situation as myself.

Stuart A Johnson Scholar


I spent around a year deliberating over whether I should actually apply for the MSc. This was primarily due to the long term financial implications, so to have these completely removed is a huge relief. However, what I couldn't have anticipated is the increased enthusiasm I now have to get started and really make the best of the opportunity. Working full time whilst studying part time will indoubtedly be challenging but it already feels a little bit less daunting as a result of your generosity

Stuart A Johnson Scholar